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When to Contact a Lawyer

Consider the following ways that we have helped and will help you. When you contact Olsen Law Group, you will learn what the options are for your case. These are just a few examples of how you can be helped legally.

  • An Orlando lawyer can help you to determine what legal grounds are available to you if you have been charged with DUI, including ensuring that any blood alcohol screening and police action was done according to the law. We will help you in a court of law to get the best possible outcome.
  • For those who are charged with a serious crime, an experienced Orlando lawyer will help you to find the resources that you need to fight the charges you are facing. We can help you to negotiate plea deals and help you throughout the litigation process.
  • A Florida attorney will work hand in hand with your needs to ensure that your automobile accident case is processed properly. If you were responsible for the accident, we can also represent you. If you were involved in an accident, you may need help dealing with insurance companies and we can also provide that support.
  • Family attorneys in Florida are available for a wide range of needs, including providing you with divorce aid, custody resources and much more. You can call on us if you need help with child support issues too.
  • A Florida real estate lawyer ensures that. when you buy or sell real estate, or face disputes over real estate. You are legally represented. 

Need more help then we have at our office, our Professional Resource Center members of attorneys and other professionals are always willing to spend a few minutes on the phone with you.

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Hiring a Florida attorney can seem like a big decision, but it does not have to be. Our full service team with our Professional Resource Center can help you find a sensible resolution for your problems even if some of them are not just strictly legal problems. From small planning projects to large felony trials, our services meet with your demands to ensure you get proper legal representation. You can contact Olsen Law Group to gather more information and to get started.

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